20 July 2010


This blog needs some updates.

I got hold of some Fantasy Black Orcs ages ago with the intention of converting them into 'Ard boyz for my Ork army. They come with 2 close combat weapons, so it would have been relatively easy to turn them into close combat beasties, but for some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to give myself a lot more work and make them into Shoota boyz (2-handed gun).

Here's a few of the WIP shots:


I've since used this lot at a couple of tournaments, so painted pictures coming up.

18 June 2009

Deff Jet

Inspired by something similar I saw on the-waaagh, I decided to have a go at converting my own AoBR Deff Kopta into a Deff Jet with TL Rokkits and a Buzzsaw. Here's how it ended up:

17 June 2009


I was challenged by a fellow Waaagher to each build and paint a Looted Wagon in a month, so that's exactly what we did!

The base is an old Rhino (the older style), there are quite a few bits used from the Bio Toxin Plant as well, but the rest is basically all scratch built using Plasticard. This was my first time using the stuff, and I must say I fell in love very quickly with it! I won't bore you with all the WIP images, as you can see them here.

Here it is finished, unpainted:

It's worth noting that I did a little crazy engineering on this thing to make the turret rotation controlable by a gear at the back. Youtube video of it in motion available here.

Onto the paint:

Nobz and Boyz

No, nothing dodgy, just proppa rank and file greenskins.

Got a lot of painting to do here, and I've barely scratched the surface. Here's a couple of test boyz to see how I'm likely to paint them:

I've had a lot of trouble finding a method that is both fast and effective, especially when painting skin is concerned. I may have finally cracked it, but more on that in a later post.

To accompany my boyz I'm going to have a few well equipped nobz; mobz of boyz are basically just a vessel for carrying power klawz forward right? Sadly AoBR didn't have any PK's in it, so I had to make a couple, here's my efforts (thanks to Da-Waaagh for inspiration):
Again, this was a kitbash before I had any propper modelling materials. Here's one painted up using the skin technique I plan on using for all major characters (ie everything other than rank and file boyz):

The skin is made up of a number of layers of brown, highlighted up almost to white, then washed in Devlan Mud, and then Thraka Green. I really heart those new washes.

Oh and here's the first model I painted since getting back into 40k after a rather long break:

Warboss the first

This was the first major conversion work I did when I picked up 40k again in the Autumn of 2008. The victim is an Assault on Black Reach Warboss; such an awesome model as it is, but I didn't want one that looked exactly like everyone else's, also I didn't like his weapon loadout so I sent him down to the Dok's Surjery to have a few "improvements" put in place.

On an army list he now looks like this:

Warboss - 110 pts
-Kombi-Skorcha Shoota
-'Eavy Armour
-Cybork Body

As this was my first conversion I had no plasticard or any useful modeling materials to hand at all, other than greenstuff and floppy disks. So that's what I used. My plan for him was to cut off all the bits I didn't like, and add on the bits I thought he needed. Generally I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out.

Both arms got a minor reposition to give him a more dynamic pose.

And this is where I've got to so far with the painting (not very far considering he's been finished since October 2008).
Well at least I finished the base (also made from floppies).
Some nice Blood Angel Beakie wreckage for him to gloat on.



Welcome to my plog. I thought it'd be nice to get all my model projects into one place
, time to bust out the sorting grots to sift through the big mek's workshop. I'm going to try and get all my existing project pictures up with WIP and finished shots (where appropriate), and maybe work out how much stuff I have left to paint; a daunting task for even the most accomplished counting grot.

Thanks for reading.